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Can’t even get into the app

As soon as I log in the app immediately logs me back out no matter how many times I try. Very frustrating.

Crashes after login

After logging in, app crashes immediately. This would be great of it worked, but unfortunately it does not.

Glitchy, unresponsive, overrated

A good attempt to use mobile apps to view schedules and holds, which I think is brilliant. However, it’s rather unresponsive, and things like Even just logging in can be impossible without it logging you out right away. I love the idea of getting eservices and such on your phone, but using your mobile browser is 10x as effective and reliable as using this app.


Just got it. Tried logging in about ten times. It would log me in, then about two seconds later log me right back out. Restarted program. Still the same. Restarted phone. Same thing. Stick to the website.

Nice app

Like the layout! I'm sure there are lots of improvements in this app to come, but it's about time Los Rios finally rolled out an app!

Something wrong ?

I was downloaded this app to use but just sometimes I can login into Eservices and I always still don’t log in into sẻvices.

Grade: C

Decent first attempt. Application seriously lacks user interface design and ease of use features. Application U/I elements are clunky and out of sync with Apple's guidelines for iOS. Also you have to login every time the application is closed.

Good idea but app too slow.

Needs lots to updates.

Shows Great Promise

After talking with some key members of the Mobile implementation team at Los Rios, I was heartened and left confident that a small number of unsupported functions will shine in the future making this an indispensable app for anyone serious about their education. It became clear to me that they were focused on secure and well-tested rather than quick and dirty. For a large, multi-campus district such as Los Rios, that really makes sense. I'm going to watch this evolve over the next year and have offered my feedback for product improvement purposes.

Overall a good app

My only complaint is the fact that you have to constantly log back on if you close the app or if you're not it after a while.

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